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Carolina Broomball Spring 2017 Week 1-Wrap Up

There is always anticipation for the start of the season – did the draft work?  Will everyone show up?  Are there enough jerseys?  etc….

 And once again, the new Carolina Broomball season kicked off in typical, awesome broomball fashion.  The first game seemed like there was a lot of hesitation to let loose, but the game got into a groove, as time progressed.  It was no surprise that the contest ended at 1-0, but it may have surprised more than just this writer that the winning goal belonged to Kevin Hummell!  Kevin is one of those players that is known for his support than goal scoring, but somehow he bested two defenders and a goalie to score the first goal of the young season.  Team Drafter and veteran player Brett Mathew earned the credit on the Assist!  With the goal, Hendrick Lexus earned the win, and handed Heroic Fitness a 1-0 loss.

 The second game seemed to heat up rather quickly.  Maybe because from the get-go, the Stanleys had a personal goal to accomplish – or maybe just because most of the players had already seen a broomball game that evening and were ready to go.  Even so, the 1st period ended in a stale mate – neither team finding the back of their opponents net.  Just over 7 minutes into the second, Matt Schmidt, assisted by Greg Moore, earned his first goal of the season, and gave Carolina Blue a 1-0 advantage.  3 minutes later, Doug Boik helped Kevin Strezo to his first of the season, and tied the contest at 1-1.  Team drafter Mondo Normile used the advantage of youth, with a leading pass to Nick Stanley, whose soft hands and well timed shot bested Carolina Broomball Hall of Fame-bound Mark Rizzo, to give Carolina Blue the second lead of the game.  But….as long as you have Stanley Senior on your team, there is always a chance for goal scoring.  And that’s just what happened with under 5 minutes to go in the second.  Richard Stanley ripped a shot, assisted by Lance Blackshear, past Frank DiMaggio to tie the contest at 2-2.  It was a fantastic broomball game to be a part of, and a great opening weekend for Carolina Broomball for sure!!

 As we look ahead to the second week of the season, we will see the first matchups for the following teams:

  • 9:10 pm – Papa Murphy’s vs Heroic Fitness
  • 9:55 pm – Carolina Blue vs Hendrick Lexus

 As always, I look forward to…

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